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Wedding Tips for the Newly Engaged!

So you've gotten recently engaged. Now lets talk the wedding planning! Here are a series of tips, to make planning your day, a little bit more smoother.

Make A New Email, Just For The Wedding!

- You can put all of your rsvps, vendors, invitations, under this email. That way everything is easy to find!

Stamp and Address Your Response Cards!

- Makes it super simple for your guests to send back their replies

- You don’t need to order an invitation for each guest. Another option is to do per household!

Plan For The Dress & Hair.

- Give yourself enough time between buying your dress and your wedding, so you can get any alterations or changes done that you need. Some would suggest at least 12 weeks if it’s a custom.

- Plan with your hairstylist ahead of time. Tell them what kind of hair you have; thick, thin, curly, etc. send them any inspo pictures that you may have. More prepared they are, the better! Meeting them in person or having a FaceTime call if you can’t, are always good ideas!

Think About Parking

- Some venues don’t have a big parking lot for guests. Plan ahead and reserve spots for those that need it for mobility purposes, or the elderly. There are a lot of affordable shuttle services and your venue may have a few for suggestions. Check with them.

It's Okay To Say No To Open Bar

- If you can’t quite justify spending on an open bar, some venues will allow you to provide 2 drink vouchers per guest and then all drinks following, will be paid by cash. This is a great way to still supply some for your guests, while maintaining your budget. Figure out what works for you two, as it is your wedding.

Where Are Your Getting Ready Photos?

- Pick the spot you want your getting ready photos in, ahead of time. Lots of natural light— a big window is always amazing for photos! Also try to make sure this space is tidy, if we have to move things around, it takes away the time that we have for taking photos of you and your crew! - Are you getting ready together or separate? If you go for the untraditional approach, you can document a really intimate moment, with your partner helping you getting dressed.

Make Sure Everyone Is On The Same Page!

- Introduce your vendors to each other, having a “team meet” does wonders to have everyone acquainted and it can also make sure that everyone knows the schedule of the day. Speaking of schedules, send one of your day out to each of your vendors. This can also be done for photos as well. If your photographer hasn’t provided you with a checklist, then make one with them, heading towards your date.

Be Open And Honest With Your Wedding Planner And Photographer Especially on how you’re feeling. It’s a long day and we are in this together. If you start to feel tired or cranky (real talk— it happens), or are just over the photos, we will do our best to make sure that everything goes smoothly and effectively, and speed things up if we have to.

Try The Food!

- You spent months planning this wedding; the meal, any hors d’oeuvres, appetizers and dessert. Make sure that you take the time to try it. Since the hors d’oeuvres are often served during cocktail hour, you can ask your caterers/venue, to make a plate for the wedding party and set it to the side. So you can try it when the photos are finished.

- Speaking of food, plan for every meal! I mean it. No one likes a hangry bride or groom, and the day is a long one. You can order things ahead, like subs, or plan for snacking foods, that you have time to eat before heading to the venue or the first location. Then, PACK SNACKS. I’m looking at all the brides out there. I can’t count how many times that I’ve had a hangry bride by the time the intimate photos are happening. You can even give the granola bar, or whatever you want to snack on, to me for that exact time.


- Especially if its hot out there. Drink lots of water the morning of, and before the ceremony, because those hot august afternoons, can be brutal under the sun. Have water available to you, whenever possible.

Emergency Kits!

- Emergency kits! Touch ups are sometimes needed, and it can’t hurt to be prepared. Powder, lip balm, lip stick, safety pins, a sewing kit, and kleenex… lots of kleenex.

- If you are wearing eyelashes bring the glue! I have had three brides lose an eyelash in the middle of pictures and have had no way to reattach it. If you’re using the magnetic eye liner, bring it just in case.

Thank Your Vendors!

- Tag your vendors on social media! This is the easiest way that you can thank your vendors and everyone that had apart in your day! Word of mouth is powerful. Tagging a vendor can open so many doors for them, if someone sees something they like in your photos.

There is always going to be hiccups. To be quite honest, most of the guests will be completely oblivious and usually there will be a quick fix thought out, so just expect them to happen and it will prevent any derailed enjoyment. So just try to go with the flow.

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