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Who Am I?

 Have you ever enjoyed something so much that, your’re practically dreaming about it?

   That is what Photography is for me. It takes up about 95% of my time, and I'm not talking about the actual  photographing part. I'm talking about the daydreaming, driving down back roads and seeing the perfect setting, and just wishing you had a couple to throw in there, at that moment.

Colleen Haskell Portrait

 I love being around people. Which is good, because I'm always the first person you'll spot at six foot two. You would probably assume, I am the perfect height for a basketball player. Wrong, I'm sadly, super clumsy. I am the type of girl that trips over her own feet, on solid ground. Who orders maxi dresses from private vendors and hits her head off something on a regular basis. The plus side is, I can and will get the perfect angle with my lens.​ 


If I'm not wandering around with my camera, I can be found sitting in Starbucks, chatting about life with some friends, while drinking cold brews.​   


I also can and will get lost in the woods--for fun. I enjoy being outdoors, camping and going for hikes; almost as much as I enjoy photographing in the same setting.​ 


I think it is the BIGGEST honour when I am asked to photograph an aspect of someones life. Not only do I get to be present for those special moments with family and loved ones, your also entrusting me to leave you with a keepsake.

    I am that girl who will be almost excited as you are, over your wedding day, engagement or family shoot. I will spend hours fantasizing over photo ideas and probably send them to you.  


I also am the girl who will bring tape, hairspray, bobby pins and kleenex (sometimes for me), to every formal event. Just to make sure all sides are covered. 


I am the girl behind the lens, who will laugh when you laugh, get down at your child's level just to be silly with them and I can guarantee I have cried at every wedding and will do so at yours too.   

This being said, I want to show you how beautiful life is.​


How beautiful YOUR life is; driven by what you see it as.

Colleen Haskell Portrait in Kingston, Ontario
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