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We don’t step in front of the camera everyday. I’ve been there and can completely validate your nerves and apprehension.

But this is where I support and encourage you! It’s scary, yes. It’s also ESSENTIAL in the growth of your business. Show that wonderful face. Put yourself out there and show your new & old clients, who you are!

Would you rather trust a brand, when you haven’t seen who the owner is, and have no idea about their life? Or would you rather work with someone who is out there and shows the world who they are?

Social media is a big world of falling in love with people you don’t know, online. It’s a huge business tool and when you put yourself out there, exactly as you are, you will attract your people. An example of this is, I am a relatively easy going person. I’m not too serious, I am clumsy as heck, and I thrive with other like-minded easy going people, who I can goof around with. My ideal client is essentially myself. Branding helps me attract them. I try to curate every post, photo and even colour scheme to represent, who I am as a person.

Wording, pictures, and colour, creates the personality of a brand. And you will attract like wise personalities.

The opening sentence of your website, can even determine what kind of client you would attract.

Compare the following sentences: A: “I will cover all of your photography needs, get that shot and bring your dream to life. Send me a message, I’ve got this.” B: “I will be there to document your day, and your love, exactly as it is. Let’s go on this adventure together. Can’t wait to hear from you” If I was looking for a client that’s okay with go-with-the-flow coverage, who is easy going and likes to have fun, which sentence do you think would help attract that? If you picked “B”, you’re on the right track. “A” sounds as if I am going to organize the whole day, down to timing between each shot, very much a job to get done. If I used that sentence, I would attract clients who thrive on that structure and everything going exactly as it should, when my goal is to attract those who are as easy going as I am and who can shake off the set backs, that sometimes come with a wedding day.

Next step is to show your face. I laugh a lot. When happy, sad, nervous and sometimes even mad. Is it an anxiety response? Probably LOL. But I like to show pictures of myself where I am being goofy, laughing and usually dressed the way that you would see me on the street. This is who I am, so I’m going to show you and attract like wise peeps.

I hate my picture being taken, so I followed a few photographers, before I picked one that I felt comfortable to take my branding photos for the first time. Honestly, what attracted me to the photographer, was the reels and photos that she would post and talk about her business venture. Really show herself. I related. I felt like I knew her, before I met her and it brought a level of comfort, when I had my own branding shots done. Turns out it was the right decision! Our personalities meshed and we had a lot of fun the day of the session.

Her branding, helped me decide I wanted her help with my own. When you approach your branding, try to think of it as less of a sell-your-soul to social media and more of it as a step system:

  1. What kind of client do you want to attract?

  2. What kind of sale or service are you providing and how will you do this for them?

  3. How do you want that client to relate to you? (Think words, and then we will get to pictures)

  4. Follow it up with your face.

So do the branding session. Be authentic, and show yourself in all your imperfectness. You’ll be relatable and make connections. You’ll attract your type of people, by putting yourself out there. You won’t regret it. All branding photographs taken by

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