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Geoff & Janessa

Geoff is my younger brother. Janessa and him have been together, for seven years.

They’re the perfect fit. Geoff is a very headstrong, determined individual and Janessa pairs his strong personality, challenging him in all the right areas, while also provoking a softer side to him, when needed. They both have similar interests and they are the very outdoorsy type, spending most of their free time outside. Geoff proposed this fall and asked me to photograph it. He had it all planned out, he wanted to propose at their friends cabin, near a creek that they frequently went to and that meant a lot to both of them.

We used the disguise that I was looking for a couple, to do some work for my portfolio and Geoff had volunteered them for it. So to her, it was just a regular session.

He guided her out on the rocks in the creek, and pretended to see an animal, to get her to look away from him. Then he dropped to one knee.

Janessa was shocked. So surprised that she spent 30 seconds, yelling “are you serious” at him.

Then they hurried off of the rocks, away from the water, so they could safely put the ring on her finger.

Overall, the proposal went without a hitch and we continued on with our now, engagement session.

We used the trail into the cabin, around their house and farm and it was the best.

When we got back from our session, two of their best friends were waiting with a bottle of champagne. Which we naturally popped, in front of the camera. It was a perfect end to the day.

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