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What do I wear?

What do I wear?! The main question that runs through your head, after you've booked your own photoshoot and are drastically looking through your closet, for the perfect ensemble. Along with a few classic thoughts like, "do we want to match?", "Is this too formal?", or "is this too casual?". We've all been here. We probably will be there again at one point too. Remember this. This is the thought that you should be running through your head: Relax.

If your photographer is anything like me, they'll give you tips if you want it. Also, you can always bring multiple options to your shoot and decide as you go. Also- this is fun to do. Usually a photographer will be just as into a shoot as you are and will want you to send them pictures or ask questions, if you have them, ahead of time!

Keep it You. You could wear anything, casual, dressy, comfy, if thats what you're used to! You will want to wear whatever you're comfortable in, and something that suits your own style. These are things that you look back at a photo remember, how you feel. So if you never wear heels or super-high waisted pants, don't. You don't want to remember how you couldn't walk or how uncomfortable you were in your jeans. You want to feel looking at your photos, how you did, when you had your photos taken.

Tones. Tones. Tones. Earthy and neutral tones are less distracting, look amazing in any location and are easy to compliment. Think cream, tan, camel, green, navy, black, brown, rust, burgundy, etc.

On the topic of Hair. Because I know that would be you ladies' next thought. Let it dowwwn. Hair that is loose and natural will flow beautifully. It also ensures that you don’t look too made up.

If you get your makeup professionally done, keep it as natural to how you apply it daily. You want to look like you in these photos, and changing up your make-up drastically, will have the opposite effect.

Wind is a friend and the more movement the better. Skirts, dresses, long jackets or kimonos, bring them all! It adds not only to the look of a photo, but to the mood.

Compliment, but don't match. If a family shows up for photos, and they're all wearing black jeans and white t-shirts, it almost takes the personality out of the group, if the photos are too posed. We don't want that. Also, with different exposures, if a photographer is not careful, the matching colours could all blend, making you look like a giant blob on camera.


  1. Neutrals and earthy tones

  2. Denim jackets

  3. Hats! 

  4. For him - boots are always a good choice


  1. Neons or brights colours

  2. Plain white t-shirts

  3. Logos

  4. Stiff, restricting fabrics (stiff clothing, means stiff photos)

Well, that is all for today. If you ever have any suggestions or questions, feel free to let me know!

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