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My top 6 Photography Session Locations!

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Photographing at the Location: Bon Echo Provincial Park

cliff face across the water at sunset in autumn.
Bon Echo Provincial Park

This park holds a spot, close to my heart.

I have been camping here since I was a child, and this is one of the most stunning parks I have ever been to. There’s so much to work with!

Tall— huge trees, that line each side of the road, beaches, mazina lake, AND bon echo rock. It is a cliff face that sits across from one of the beaches and is the main attraction here.

You can actually climb the rock. They have a hiking trail that is about 1.5km, with a LOT of stairs, and a so‑worth it view.

Plus! You can either bring or rent, a kayak, canoe or paddle board.

There is so many opportunities for a session.

I recommend this location for any photoshoot. It is an absolute dream.

Photographing at the Location: Sandbanks Provincial Park

couple walking across a sand dune

Specifically, the dunes! Picture mountains of sand and endless beach!

The possibilities are endless. This location also works in any season.

Any time of day works for this location, but if you’re lucky enough to be there at sunset, it’s like the sky is aflame with streaks of cotton candy. I didn't include a picture of the sunset. I want you to go there and experience it for yourself.

I have shot here a few times. The only downside is that it is often busy, so you will have to walk a ways in, to find the perfect spot. Which is completely worth it.

Photographing at the Location: Little Bluff Conservation Area

little bluff conservation area
couple embracing

This beautiful spot is about an hour from Belleville, and so, so worth it. It is the trifecta in one: woods, beach and of course, the bluffs.

It is literally perfect for any style of photoshoot, from families, maternity, engagement, event elopements!

The water is the prettiest blue, and the sunsets (can you tell, I like sunsets?), reflect perfectly off of the bluffs.

baby bump, in a living room. in front of a snowy window
Lifestyle Maternity session

Photographing at the Location: In Your Own Home!

This one is self‑explanatory.

There is nothing, that is as comfortable as having a session in your own home.

Your home reflects a lot about you as an individual, or your family.

It's full of character, and you can get those quiet moments, that you wouldn't be able to capture outside.

Lifestyle sessions at home, document who you are, and where you live, in a timeless way.

Plus who doesn’t like to stay in?

couple snuggling on the stairs
Sager conservation area

Photographing at the Location: Sager Conservation Area

Its a well known place, but weirdly enough, not many people go here.

Follow this pretty pathway of stairs, to a lookout tower.

The lookout tower, gives you an awesome view of a few kilometres of treetops.

You can see neighbouring farms, a killer view of sunsets, and its a great place for stargazing at night as well.

If that wasn’t enough, theres lots of wood trails that you can explore as well.

Photographing at the Location: Literally Any Apple Orchard

couple, newly married embracing in an apple orchard
Orchard Wedding

I think theres something romantic about walking through the apple trees. Whether they’re in bloom, or not, they bring a romance to the photo.

One of my favourite wedding memories, is when one of my couples, took 20 minutes and went with me and my second shooter, to an apple orchard down the road, during their wedding day.

I highly recommend this, to anyone. Not only is it a sometimes, much needed break to get away from the crowd, it’s also a way to unwind and just hang out, for a intimate moment with just you two.

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