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My First Blog Post!

Hey guys. So I'm completely new to this. I'm also out of my comfort zone here. What do I talk about? Will people even read it? Oh my gosh, the possible incoming spelling errors... But seriously, what do I talk about??? These are all things that have been going through my mind, as I typed this small paragraph (yes, I am one of those people lol).

Well, since this is a Blog on my website, lets chat about something related!

Planning For Your Photo Session!

So, I will be honest. I am not a fan of overly posed, looking directly into the camera photos. I love when couples cuddle up to each other, walk hand in hand, or giggle at each other- all while being themselves, with the help of a few fun directions. It is much more natural. Photoshoots are meant to be fun and comfortable!

Choosing a Location:

So I am biased to using nature as a backdrop, because I love shooting outside. Being surrounded by Nature is the best therapy. Whether you choose the trails where you walk your dog, the lake where your family swims, or the camp ground you go back to every year, outside always has the best light. Plus if its a place that is personal to you, its even more worth it. 

It's okay to have no plan!

Exploring is the best adventure. We can find a new location, and explore it together, taking our time to stop at any places that look cool.

Stay Home. Whether you have an eye for home décor or if the weather isn’t very nice, you will be in your natural element and the pictures will show it.

Do an activity. Build a snowman, bake cookies at home, share a pitcher at your favourite brewery. Doing something during your sessions, really allows for genuine emotion to shine through and it is always a more natural setting. 

Locations to think about:

  1. Presqu'ile Provincial Park

  2. Wellington Rotary Beach

  3. Bon Echo Provincial Park

  4. Conservation Areas

  5. A local Brewery or Winery

  6. Sandbanks Provincial Park

  7. Your Home

Well, there goes my first post. Hope you liked it :)

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