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23 Series: Simplicity Sessions

The Photos above, are not mine, only inspiration

Who, What, Where and When:

Simplicity: The quality or condition of being easy or understand or do.
There is beauty in simplicity and there is strength too. Simple is intentional. Simplicity means focusing on the important, whatever that may mean to you.

We are here to show you that the essence of simplicity is you. 

My vision for these sessions is to celebrate how much as individuals we go through and what we can overcome with our own growth. To not let what we have been through define us and recognize the strength that comes with that. 
These sessions will be open for individual portraits, empowerment, maternity, mommy and me, and couples.
Simplicity is the love that's in your life.

ALSO: A portion of the proceeds from this event, will be donated to The Three Oaks Foundation!

Picture this:
You’re surrounded by a gentle soft palette of flowers, made up of two floor displays, and posed delicately on a rustic, weathered, wooden chair.
The focus is you. Simple, crisp, and elegant.
This is the perfect setting to capture whatever essence you want to highlight. Yourself as an individual, you and your little one, a love between you and your partner— the possibilities are endless.

The Team:
Colleen Haskell Photographs

Make up Artist Katie Runnalls
Hair Stylist Becca Moelker
Florist Designs by Alexis Rose
Studio Space by Wendy Cross Photography

For the price of $400.00, come get pampered by Becca and Katie, a 45 minute photo session with Colleen, surrounded by the stunning work of Designs by Alexis Rose and in the beautiful studio owned by Wendy Cross.

A deposit of $150.00 is required to hold your spot. You
will receive an online gallery of 25 edited Images, two weeks after the session.


Session times will be first come, first serve:

9:00am- Booked





These times will be updated to show what’s still available, daily.

Colleen Haskell Photographs Simplicity Sessions

Make-up by Katie Runnalls, Hair by Becca Moelker

Things To Know

Once you've filled out the contact form above, I will send you a questionnaire and answer any questions you may have! Then we will get onto the booking fun.
The day of, you will start the session with hair and make up, applied by the lovely ladies mentioned above.
From there, you will start your photo session. We can help in any questions that you may have. We will be there, every step of the way, from hair, to make up, to posing. You'll never be left to your own devices.

What to wear?
Wear what you feel good in. Keep it simple, neutral colours. Whatever you're comfortable with. 
We could start with a more casual look and work our way. This could be anything- Jeans, shorts and a neutral tank top. If you want a little more risqué, we can do a flower top portrait. 

We are always up for answering any questions you may have, so don't be afraid to ask :)

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