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To Boudoir or Not to Boudoir?

To boudoir or not to boudoir?

That is the question we should ask ourselves more often. I know its scary to think about putting yourself out there, in such a vulnerable situation.

But I am telling you, it's worth it. Whether its outside on the beach at sunset, a studio or in the safety of your own home, everyone deserves to have their eyes opened and see themselves in a new light.

Do not wait for a "better time", or when your "ready".

If we waited in life for when we were "ready", would we ever do anything?

You are beautiful.

Before you think of it-- toss that word "Perfection", out the window. No over-thinking.

You are your own worst critic.

For every one flaw that you see on yourself, I guarantee there are 10 beautiful attributes, that you have over looked because you have been so focused on that one.

Before you say it- You are photogenic.

A Boudoir session, doesn't have to be showy, or for someone else. These photos are of you and they are for YOU.

Now, I don't know if you are anything like me, but when thinking of a boudoir session, the words that pop into my head are "I don't know how to be sexy". Stop that.

Brave is the new sexy.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something just for you. Being honest about who you are, flaws and all, and choosing to love yourself anyway. It's empowering.

Boudoir, doesn't mean you have to wear next to nothing or a piece of lingerie that is out of your comfort zone. You wear what you feel good in!

We all have parts of ourselves that we want to highlight, so wear something that highlights that and is flattering to your figure.

And when i said above, it doesn't have to be lingerie, I meant it. Start casual if you want. Jeans, shorts or a sheer top. A simple white tank top or cami, is a versatile article of clothing, that can creatively built on easily.

Also, it doesn't stop there. You can pair it with your favourite heels, knitted sweater, cardigan, robe or sports jersey.

What also helps, is that the photographer that you choose, will be there every step of the way.

They will pose you, make you feel comfortable and you will never be left alone, to your own devices. Trust in them.

You will probably get pampered. Most Boudoir sessions, include your make-up being done by a professional make-up artist and even possibly your hair! So you will step out, feeling like a queen.

"You are the storm in your own life and that storm is powerful and beautiful".

Boudoir doesn't have to be for anyone but yourself. And who better to celebrate? So take the risk.

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